Community Gardens

Community Gardens

Easton Urban Farm

902 Philadelphia Road Easton, Pennsylvania 18042

The urban farm grows vegetables for the “Veggie Van” program which provides fresh local produce to low income citizens of the West Ward and to area food banks. Volunteers are always needed and welcome.

(610) 515-0891

Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Saturday from 7:00 am to Noon


Wild Herb Community Garden

1075 Lehigh Drive Easton, Pennsylvania 18042

Native herbs and flowers are grown here. Volunteers are welcome.

(610) 515-0891

Quiet Tea Community Garden

1340 Lynn Street Easton, Pennsylvania 18042

Art in the Garden classes are run here by the School of Natural Learning for adults and children.

(610) 515-0891

Lower Hackett Community Garden

1913 Wood Avenue Easton, Pennsylvania 18042

A newly formed community garden near the bike bath and baseball field in Lower Hackett Park, this garden has raised beds and plenty of vegetables. Volunteers are welcome.

(610) 515-0891

Lynn Street Community Garden

1426 Lynn Street Easton, Pennsylvania 18042

This is a space for gardeners that want their own lot plus communal growing and gatherings.

(610) 515-0891

Sunflower Community Garden

499 South 10th Street Easton, Pennsylvania 18042

Three raised beds now located at the end of South 10th Street will hold flowers, herbs, and perennials. Please contact the number below if interested in coordinating this garden!

(610) 515-0891

Easton Area Community Center

901 Washington Street Easton, Pennsylvania 18042

Greenhouse and raised beds are alongside the Children’s Garden. EACC member volunteers are welcome and there is a Summer Garden Camp for EACC members.

(610) 515-0891

South 10th Street Community Garden

916 Pine Street Easton, Pennsylvania 18042

Twelve 8×4-foot raised beds are planted communally here with a beautiful mural for a backdrop. Volunteers are welcome.

(610) 515-0891

Paxinosa Community School Garden

1221 Northampton Street Easton, Pennsylvania 18042

This garden has six raised beds for students and families of Paxinosa Elementary School.

(610) 515-0891

Friends and Family Neighbors Garden

823 Walnut Street Easton, Pennsylvania 18042

This lot has fruit trees and an open space for vegetable gardening. Volunteers are welcome; the community garden should be restarted once the lot is secured.

(610) 515-0891

Lafarm, the Lafayette College Community Garden and Working Farm

Lafayette Organic Garden, Sullivan Trail Easton, Pennsylvania 18040

Our community garden is about growing great food in a healthy environment. LaFarm has 35 community garden plots available for members of the Lafayette College community to rent.

Walter House Community Garden

427-461 Washington Street Easton, Pennsylvania 18042

The community garden is run by and for the tenants of Walter and Harlan House residents.

(610) 515-0891

Juliana Street Community Garden

100-112 South 5th Street Easton, Pennsylvania 18042

Four large raised beds and several small beds are located on the hill. Volunteers are welcome.

(610) 515-0891

Ferry Street Apartments Community Garden

566-598 Spruce Street Easton, Pennsylvania 18042

Two raised beds were designed for an Eagle Scout project. The garden is tended by the apartments’ families and is only open to residents.

(610) 515-0891

Bushkill House Community Garden

71 North 7th Street Easton, Pennsylvania 18042

Three raised beds are tended by the Bushkill House Tenants Association; the garden is for Bushkill House residents.

(610) 515-0891

Seventh and Bushkill Community Garden

66 North Locust Street Easton, Pennsylvania 18042

Two raised beds planted with vegetables to share with neighborhood children.

(610) 515-0891

Recycle Gardens

Urban Recycle Garden

518 Northampton St Easton, Pennsylvania 18042

Located around the back of the Nurture Nature Center along Pine Street, the Urban Recycle Garden was built in spring 2014 to “demonstrate low-cost growing techniques for small urban areas.” Look for gardening events and programs at the Nurture Nature Center to learn more.

(610) 253-4432

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