Navigate the local food locations and opportunities around you on your mobile device with our “Garden of Easton” app. Click the image below to get started: you can open it through any mobile browser and can install it through Firefox.

app picture


Garden of Easton is a tool that will connect Easton’s consumers and growers by attractively mapping out food banks/pantries, community gardens, CSA pickups and locations, farmers’ markets, and other sites where people of all backgrounds can access fresh local produce. In so doing, this will bring together resources from all of the aforementioned organizations and parties within the community and close the information gap that exists between the dozens of organizations striving for food justice. We hope this will allow users to explore the food justice initiatives that exist in our area.

One thought on “Home

  1. Sophia Feller says:

    Hi Peter and Miranda,
    Love the site! Fantastic work. As always with the gardens there are updates. Unfortunately, we lost the Friends and Family garden located at 823 Walnut this year. The garden was on a private lot that is now for sale. Also, due to the lack of a garden coordinator, the Sunflower garden just never took off and is really not in production. On a happier note, WWNP took on maintenance of the Lower Hackett community garden this year and it is looking very productive. Lower Hackett is located at 1901 Wood Avenue.


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